High G Shale Shaker Modules for Offshore Drilling Platforms

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our High G Shale Shaker Modules for offshore drilling platforms. These modules represent a significant advancement in solids control technology, designed to meet the rigorous demands of offshore drilling operations.

The High G Shale Shaker Modules are a key component of our comprehensive solids control system, tailored specifically for processing water-based mud cuttings. Each module comprises a high-performance High G drying shaker, mud tanks, sand pumps, agitators, and an intelligent control system, providing a complete solution for efficient solids control and waste management.

High G Drying Shaker: Engineered with high G-forces, the drying shaker effectively separates solids from drilling fluids, ensuring optimal performance in offshore drilling environments.

Mud Tanks: Integrated mud tanks offer ample storage capacity for processed drilling waste, enabling continuous operation without interruptions.

Centrifugal Pumps: Robust pumps facilitate the transfer of drilling fluids and waste materials, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Agitators: Designed to maintain fluid consistency and prevent solids settling, agitators contribute to the consistent performance of the solids control system.

Intelligent Control System: The intelligent control system allows for remote monitoring and control of the solids control equipment, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

The High G Shale Shaker Modules are specifically engineered for offshore drilling platforms, where the processing of water-based mud cuttings is essential for maintaining drilling efficiency and environmental compliance. These modules are ideally suited for:

  • Offshore drilling operations in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Projects requiring efficient solids control and waste management solutions.
  • Applications where space and weight limitations are critical considerations.


Enhanced Solids Control: The High G Shale Shaker Modules deliver superior solids separation performance, reducing waste volumes and minimizing environmental impact.

Increased Efficiency: The integrated design of the modules streamlines operations, reducing downtime and enhancing overall drilling efficiency.

Improved Safety: The intelligent control system enables remote monitoring and control, minimizing personnel exposure to hazardous drilling fluids and waste materials.

Compliance: The modules comply with industry standards and regulations for offshore drilling operations, ensuring adherence to environmental and safety requirements.

At GN Solids Control, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our High G Shale Shaker Modules exemplify our commitment to excellence, offering efficient and reliable performance in the challenging conditions of offshore drilling. With their advanced features and proven reliability, these modules are the ideal choice for offshore drilling platforms seeking to optimize solids control and waste management processes.