Two Sets of 500GPM Mud Recycling System for Argentina Customer

GN Solids Control, a prominent player in the field of solids control equipment manufacturing, has recently accomplished a significant milestone by delivering two 500GPM mud recycling systems to a customer in Argentina. This delivery underscores the company’s commitment to supporting critical infrastructure projects, specifically tunneling and piling endeavors, by providing efficient solutions for drilling mud and tunnel boring mud treatment.

Why needs mud recycling system?

Mud recycling is becoming common for mid-sized HDD rigs because it offers diverse benefits:

  • Reduces the volume of water needed and saves fuel cost as multiple trucks will not be needed to bring in water.
  • Reduces costs for trucks and travel time for waste disposal.
  • Increases job productivity because the drill stays continuously productive.
  • Improves rig uptime by eliminating the need to mix drilling mud when the rig is inactive.
  • Reduces risk of inadvertent returns.
  • Improves tool life.
  • Lowers carbon footprint by reducing emissions. 

What GN Mud Recycling System can do?

The comprehensive mud recycling systems supplied by GN Solids Control comprise key components that work synergistically to ensure optimal performance and productivity. At the heart of these systems lies the GN Mud Cleaner GNZY705E-1S8N, a high-capacity machine designed to effectively separate solids from the mud, enhancing its reuse potential and reducing waste. This advanced cleaner plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of the mud, ensuring it remains suitable for continued drilling and boring operations.

Complementing the GN Mud Cleaner is the GN Centrifugal Pump, which efficiently circulates the mud throughout the system, ensuring continuous flow and optimal treatment. This pump’s robust design and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for demanding tunneling and piling projects.

To further enhance the mixing and treatment process, GN Solids Control has also included the GN Jet Mud Mixer in the systems. This mixer efficiently blends the mud with additives or other necessary chemicals, facilitating the removal of unwanted particles and improving the overall quality of the mud.

Rounding out the systems are the GN Mud Tanks, which serve as essential storage and processing units. These tanks are designed to withstand the rigors of tunneling and piling operations, providing a stable and secure environment for the mud to be treated and recycled.

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Overall, the delivery of these two 500GPM mud recycling systems to Argentina marks a significant achievement for GN Solids Control. By providing cutting-edge solutions for drilling mud and tunnel boring mud treatment, the company is helping to advance critical infrastructure projects worldwide, while also promoting environmental sustainability through the efficient reuse of mud.