GN Solids Control Delivers High G Drying Shaker and Decanter Centrifuge for Oman Project

GN Solids Control is proud to announce its recent collaboration with an Oman-based project, supplying cutting-edge equipment tailored to their specific needs. The project, situated in Oman, required advanced solids control solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity in drilling operations.

Among the key equipment provided by GN Solids Control are the High G Drying Shaker and the Decanter Centrifuge. These two components play pivotal roles in the solids control process, ensuring optimal separation and management of drilling fluids.


The High G Drying Shaker, equipped with a spiral conveyor funnel, is designed to efficiently remove excess moisture from drilling cuttings, facilitating their disposal and minimizing environmental impact. Its robust construction and high G-force capabilities make it an ideal choice for demanding drilling environments.

Complementing the High G Drying Shaker is the Decanter Centrifuge module, specifically the GNLW363D model. This centrifuge excels in separating fine solids from liquids, delivering clarified fluids ready for reuse in drilling operations. With its advanced design and precise engineering, the GNLW363D ensures consistent performance and reliability in the most challenging conditions.

GN Solids Control’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in the design and functionality of these equipment modules. Each component is meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of the drilling industry while offering enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


As the Oman project progresses, GN Solids Control remains dedicated to providing unparalleled support and expertise to ensure the seamless operation of their equipment. With a focus on delivering superior performance and reliability, GN Solids Control continues to set the standard for excellence in solids control solutions.


For more information about GN Solids Control’s High G Drying Shaker and Decanter Centrifuge modules, please visit our website or contact our sales team directly. We look forward to serving your solids control needs and contributing to the success of your projects.

GN Solids Control Revolutionizes Mud Centrifuge Systems for South American Client

At GN Solids Control, we are excited to share the recent success of delivering two cutting-edge mud centrifuge systems to a valued client in South America. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to providing innovative and efficient solutions in the field of solids control and mud treatment.

Our state-of-the-art GNLW654 mud centrifuge takes center stage in each system. Precision-engineered for optimal performance, this centrifuge ensures the efficient and rapid dehydration of mud, meeting the industry’s most stringent standards.

Complementing the centrifuge is a robust coagulation and polymer addition system boasting a substantial capacity of 6000 liters. This critical component facilitates effective flocculation, optimizing the dehydration process for enhanced efficiency.

Operational ease and maintenance simplicity are paramount at GN Solids Control. Our horizontal centrifuge lifting stand provides convenient and secure access, allowing for adjustments and maintenance without complications.

Handling substantial volumes of mud is a constant challenge, and our systems rise to the occasion with 20-foot mud tanks. Designed to efficiently manage significant waste volumes, these tanks contribute to effective and sustainable waste management practices.

To ensure a consistent and controlled flow of mud to the centrifuge, each system is equipped with an efficient screw pump for mud supply. This feature guarantees uninterrupted and seamless operation, enhancing overall system reliability.

At GN Solids Control, we prioritize the integration of advanced centrifuge models to deliver unparalleled results in solids control and mud treatment applications.

Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge-T Series Specs
Bowl Diameter 220 mm(9 Inch) 360 mm(14 Inch) 450 mm(18 Inch) 550 mm(22 Inch) 650 mm(25.6 Inch) 760 mm(30 Inch)
Bowl Length 924 mm(36.4 Inch) 1512 mm(59.5 Inch) 1890 mm(74.5 Inch) 2310 mm(91 Inch) 2730 mm(82 Inch) 3328 mm(131 Inch)
Bowl Speed 4500 RPM 3900 RPM 3500 RPM 3150 RPM 2900 RPM 2650 RPM
Max G Force 2492 G 3063 G 3084 G 3051 G 3058 G 3000 G
L/D Ration 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.4
Main Motor 11 KW 20/30/37 KW 37/45/55 KW 55/90 KW 90/110 KW 110/132/160 Kw
Back Motor 5.5 KW 7.5/11 KW 11/15/22 KW 15/37/45 KW 18.5/22/37/55KW 22/37/75/90 KW
Beach Angle 8.5 Degree
Drive Type VFD+PLC+HMI
Bowl Material Duplex Stainless Steel SS2205 from centrifugal casting
Screw Material Duplex Stainless SS2205 /SS316
Wear Protection Tungsten Carbide Tiles
Remarks Above specification is for reference only, final specifcations should be based on contract.

This successful project exemplifies our dedication to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients in South America. At GN Solids Control, we take pride in pioneering mud dehydration technologies that make a substantial impact.