GN Solids Control’s Flare Ignition Devices

In today’s industrial landscape, safety and environmental compliance are paramount concerns. Flare ignition devices are crucial components that ensure the responsible management of emissions and the prevention of harmful gases being released into the atmosphere. When it comes to reliable and innovative flare ignition solutions, GN Solids Control takes center stage. Their flare ignition devices, which can be tailored to meet specific customer needs, offer a range of features that set them apart in the industry.

GN Solids Control is a renowned leader in the field of solids control and waste management equipment. Their commitment to excellence extends to their range of flare ignition devices, which are designed to address various industrial requirements while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Safety is not a one-size-fits-all concept. GN Solids Control allows customers to specify the exact features and capabilities they need in their flare ignition system. This tailored approach ensures that the system is optimized for maximum safety and efficiency, tailored to a particular application.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, GN Solids Control offers a choice between electrical power charge or solar energy options for their flare ignition devices. This flexibility empowers clients to select an energy source that aligns with their environmental and cost-saving goals.

The upper part of GN Solids Control’s flare ignition devices is constructed from stainless steel. This not only ensures durability but also makes the unit rainproof, ideal for use in various weather conditions.

GN Solids Control’s flare ignition devices are designed with mobility in mind. Users can charge the battery and take the unit to remote areas where it might be needed. This adaptability ensures that emissions can be managed effectively regardless of location.


Investing in a GN Solids Control flare ignition device isn’t just an investment in equipment; it’s a commitment to safety, sustainability, and efficiency. With GN Solids Control as your partner, you’re not just getting a device; you’re gaining a tailored solution designed to meet your unique needs.