GNLW224D Centrifuge Decanter: Small in Size, Mighty in Performance

Meet the GNLW224D, a centrifuge decanter that challenges preconceptions about size and power. Despite its compact dimensions, this model from GN Solids Control is engineered for unparalleled performance in precision separation processes.

The GNLW224D’s compact design optimizes space without compromising on functionality, making it ideal for operations with limited space.

The GNLW224D  has a impressive high-speed capabilities, enabling swift and efficient separation of liquids and solids across diverse applications.Explore the range of industries benefitting from the GNLW224D, from oil and gas to wastewater treatment. Its adaptability and efficiency make it a versatile solution for various scenarios.

Technical Specifications:

Dive into the technical prowess of the GNLW224D, understanding its specifications that set it apart:

Bowl Diameter: 9 inch

Max Speed: 4500RPM

Processing Capacity: 100 lt / min

Main Motor: 15 HP (11KW)

Material Construction: SS316 and SS2205

In the extensive lineup of decanter centrifuges, the GNLW224D proudly claims its position as the smallest model from GN Solids Control. Its size may be modest, but its performance and technical sophistication make it a standout choice in the industry.

Highlight how the GNLW224D caters to the needs of various industries, showcasing its reliability as a solution for liquid-solid separation. Its adaptability and efficiency make it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking top-tier performance in a compact package.

The GNLW224D centrifuge decanter, demonstrates that size does not compromise performance. As the smallest model in the GN Solids Control family, it exemplifies innovation, efficiency, and technical excellence. Whether in oil and gas or wastewater treatment, the GNLW224D is poised to exceed expectations in liquid-solid separation.