Abnormal stop of the centrifuge

  1. The screw conveyer is overload or out of power.
  2. The screw propeller overload will cause back drive motor current overload, it will cause the the power supplier cut off. Oe if there are other reasons caused cut off of the power suppler, the screw propeller will be blocked. Operater should solve the problem per trouble shooting.
  3. Overload of the bowl
  4. The bowl overload will cause hydraulic coupler fusible plug be melt. The transmission oil inside the hydraucli coupler will flow Main motor will be disconnect with hydylic coulper and the bowl cannot be drived. In this condition, the main power supply will not be cut off automatically. Centrifuge operaters should stop feeding pump firstly, and then stop the power supplier. After that, change fusible plug and transmission oil. After that, open the flush pump to clean out the bowl inside, otherwise, it may cause blocking of the screw propeller.
  5. Attentions for stop-off
  6. Before stop off the centrifgue, be sure to clean the bowl inside thoroughly. Otherwise, when you start the centrifuge next time, the screw propelelr may be held on and could not rotate.
  7. ATTENTION: Most of the common centrifuge broken down is caused by incomplete flushing.
  8. When stop centrifuge in winter, or stop centrifuge for a long time, be sure to open collecting box top cover, remove the drain bolt at centrifuge big end cover, and drain out all water and fluids inside the bowl and hoses, to prevent freezing.
  9. Operator DO NOT allow to leave the site until the centrifuge bowl completely stop rotating.
  10. VFD Control Panel Notes
  11. Layout of VFD control cabinet
  12. The VFD control cabinet is separated with centrifuge, and should be mounted nearby the centrifuge and convenient for operation. In order to make it easy for operation and observation, it is better the VFD cabinet located within 5m far away from the centrifuge. Max. the distance should not over 10m. And cover the VFD cabinet with shade to provent rain or sunshine.

Cable size

  1. User prepare suitable length cables per the final VFD control cabinet location. Centrifuge is connected to VFD control cabinet with thess cables: main drive motor, back drive motor, feeding pump motor, sensro device, and power supply. Cable sizes are as following:
  2. 90kw main drive motor cable 3×70mm2+1×35 mm2
  3. 37kw back drive motor cable 3×25mm2+1×16 mm2
  4. 22kw feeding pump cable 3×10mm2+1×6 mm2
  5. Sensor device cable 3×1.5mm2
  6. Power supply input cable 3×70mm2+1×35 mm2 2pcsgn centrifuge at iran oil show

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