GN coal-bed gas solid control system again recently home, ready to send to the customer site

After 30 days of intensive production, GN solid control for coalbed methane customized mud purification system smoothly completed, site quality inspection personnel is to run the test of each device, this is our final systemic test before delivery.In a few days the whole system will be sent to the customer site.
The completion of coalbed methane (CBM) mud solid control system is mainly composed of a high drilling fluid shale shaker, a mud cleaner and a centrifuge, mud slurry device and a jet of many sets of slurry blender and centrifuge pump, system assembly will soon after the completion of the CBM drilling for customers of the production tasks, the tight because customer construction project and first time use, to ensure the smooth construction of the customer, GN solid control will actively organize professional and technical personnel to the scene to do a good job of system installation and debugging and training.

Due to the customer request to our system is very high, so the crown to solid control strictly according to customer’s special requirements for production and installation.Use shougang steel, choose Siemens, schneider electric components, selection of international brand vibrating motor, it is repeatedly mentioned customers requirements.Customer on-site inspection in the process of production of production progress, customers mainly to see our production process and production process requirements, read our front-line workers conscientiously working condition and equipment of the production process can make them more confident to choose crown solids control is the most correct choice.
GN solid control is a leading domestic solid control system suppliers, in coal-bed gas field has more than ten years experience of equipment service, services across the United States, snow, Germany Bauer, Mr Ryan, and many other international drilling company and coal bed methane developers.We have rich experience in coal bed methane drilling solid control system, better able to provide customers with turn-key project, for customers to create higher profit margins.

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