ZJ30 mud mixing with mud solid control system

1, mud mixing system
In 3 # aggravating tank side by side on the right side of the base to install two sand pump, slurry on the base to install 1 set of jet funnel, keeping a with a sand pump, two jet work alone; Sand slurry pump and jet funnel are interchangeable mutual through various import and export of the butterfly valve control. As shown in figure 6 (sand pump suction manifold slurry), sand pump via suction manifold can extract respectively 2 # mud tank of 3 # and 4 #, 3 # mud tank each tank, 4 # mud tank mud tank, by adding the corresponding slurry jet funnel material, pulp out the manifold again into the corresponding mud can respectively as shown in figure 7 (pulp out sand pump manifold); This cycle, testing can be for 2 # mud tank 3 # and 4 #, 3 # mud tank each tank, 4 # mud tank  configuration, added to meet the requirements of drilling technology; In 4 # shear mix slurry devices are installed on the mud tank, can through the valve control shear system and jet slurry system work at the same time, also can switch roles; Shear system by dosing pipeline supply to the medicine jar, through medicine pot can be added to the 2 # mud tank.mud system 0618
Jet funnel at the bottom of the tee handle butterfly valve parts installed a convenient and practical, the jet mixing slurry unit startup and shutdown, want to close the valve, need mixed weighted mud, etc. The whole system run smoothly after open the valve; After the aggravating or mixed, close the valve, then close the jet mixing slurry compound system.
2, mud transfer process
System installation of a complete set of mud gun and mud gun involved in 1 #, 2 #, 3 # and 4 # mud tank, tank and tank are connected with the intermediate pressure hose, sealing is reliable, easy installation and removal. Twelve (as shown in figure 1 # mud gun and water pipes), as shown in figure 13 (2 # mud gun and water pipes), as shown in figure 14 (3 # and 4 # mud gun and water pipeline), the whole mud barrel remit is composed of mud pump set pulp out of the manifold with mud, belongs to the medium voltage line (in 2 # were reserved in mud tank 2 inches of mud pump imports);Jet sand slurry pump can also be used to provide power source.
Have a gate on each of the mud gun, all can work alone; Is the main purpose of mud gun mixing and transporting mud., in the front of the 1 # mud tank is equipped with a supply tank, the tank is installed on a mud gun, the mud gun’s main function is to supply provides the mud tank, in order to drill in drilling process, lack of wellhead mud, mud is pumped by the supply pump pumping hold well, so as to complete the well supplies the function of mud.

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