GN solid control for offshore platform provide drilling cuttings dryer

GN can provide drilling cuttings dryer integrated solid control lever, including drilling cuttings dryer live body, electric control and cuttings dryer base stents, etc. Equipment designed and manufactured on the basis of “advanced, reliable, safe, convenient, economic” principle, the reliability and advanced nature, convenience and safety of domestic and foreign products at the same level reached advanced level. Equipment can adapt the characteristics of offshore operation, to meet the processing capacity of offshore drilling waste treatment while drilling, and cutting oil content less than 5% after processing, cutting emissions standards meet national levels. Equipment adopts frequency conversion motor, motor and adapt to 460 v60hz and 380 v50hz power supply range, and the motor and power distribution unit in accordance with national explosive-proof grade and offshore platform use requirements. Equipment dust, moisture, corrosion and good vibration resistance; Overall size is advantageous for the offshore installation location allocation, easy to transport hoisting and disassemble, easy replacement of spare parts and maintenance, use under conditions of normal operation.
GN solid control promise: quality guarantee period of 12 months, starting from the date of final acceptance of the agreement signed. During this period, due to supplier quality problems caused by the supplier to replace or repair free of charge, and the repair cost, labor, transportation, etc. The supplier shall be responsible for The consumption of solid control system equipment, such as: screen, scraper, belt, filter and so on are not within the 12 months warranty (if it is a manufacturer of quality problem, manufacturer is responsible for free replacement or repair);The quality guarantee period, if the supplier caused the quality problem of the design, manufacturing defects, the supplier must be responsible for free repair or replacement; Warranty period after-sales service service free of charge by supplier.
GN is the 1st API certified solids control company in China, also certified by: Europe DNV CE, HSE, ISO9001, Russia TP&TC .
2) GN Solids America is the first & biggest China owned USA based Solids Control Company.
3) GN Solids Control facility Area: 40000㎡ (430,000 SF),exported to over 60 countries. system1

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