Oil content waste management system

In July in the north of China is a hot season, but the GN solids control workers who still hold on the production line, hot only to grasp the equipment ready, sent to the client as soon as possible, better realize his value. After The customer inspect site work my company oil sludge sand processing system, can more firmly believe that champions league in oil field strength in the field of environmental protection, at the same time also give high affirmation.
Oily sludge treatment system, mainly dealing with oily waste drilling platforms, including oil/water, oil, sludge, etc. GN  solid control according to the characteristic of oily waste in r&d and manufacture of unique, mainly includes the following several main structure.
Feeding unit: 1) oily sludge use oily waste on the screw conveyor in big funnel, again through the screw device to mixed evenly inside the tank are mixed. Screw of the funnel, transmission capacity and mixed tank can be customized production according to customer requirements.
2) flocculation unit: the unit of chemicals can be dispensed by the automatic control system according to the clients due to the proportion of matching, and then through a screw pump, the potion into mixed cans, mixed with oil waste.
3) the solid-liquid separation unit: this unit is made up of a high G of drilling fluid shale shaker and special mud centrifuge. Mixed with good oil bearing waste by screw pump pump to the shaker screen above the first, the big screen out particles, and in waste pulp centrifuge for further separation.So that you can maximize the crude oil in the wastes of isolated and stored into the tank.
Welcome there is oil sludge, joint station tank bottom sludge, sludge treatment of offshore drilling platform abandoned business customers to the company.

mud cleaning unit

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