High G force drying shaker for water based mud treatment

Solids control system shale shaker is different
with high G force drying shaker mainly in G force. GNZS594E-HB shale shaker
with 7.5G ( max, adjustable), in some rigs, they only use 7G is enough. But
high-G drying shaker
is with 8.0G ( max , adjustable), they are with the
same effective screen area and 4 screen panels. The solids control shale shaker
is mainly used in mud
recycling system
as the first phase treatment of drilling mud, the function
is to separate the big solids from the drilling fluids as much as possible and
recycle the drilling mud. The high G force drying shaker is mainly used for
water based drilling cuttings treatment to dry the drilling waste, recycle the
useful drilling fluids and let the drilling waste dry enough to be collected
and transported. Since they are using in different area of zero discharge
system, so the recommend shaker screen mesh
size is different.

The other main difference between them is the
feeding method. Normally the solids control shale shaker is feeding by pump (
in non closed loop system from mud pit) or high pressure pipeline ( in closed loop system from
rig directly), the feed mud is with high liquid content and less
solids, so the feeding type is box feeder or weir feeder.  but for high G drying shaker, it is usually
feed by screw conveyor, which is used to collect the discharged cuttings from
the solids control shale shaker and transfer to high-G drying shaker, so the
feeding type is hopper feeder, which with big opening hopper to receive the
cuttings from screw conveyor quickly.

But the shaker screens for both shaker are same
size, GN solids America has both shale shaker and drying shaker in Houston
warehouse for sale, welcome to contact us in Houston.

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