High Speed cuttings dryer for sale

GN solids control produce several units of high
speed high G force cuttings dryer in stock for sale, this is the inventory
equipments for urgent orders. To provide better support for our international
clients who need the vertical cuttings dryer urgently. Since it takes a very
long time for shipment by sea from China to the client’s site, especially for
the clients in South America, it takes around 60days from Xingang, China to
Brazil. If we have these drilling waste management equipments in stock, it can
meet the client’s urgent requirement. Normally it takes 6 month to wait for a
vertical cuttings dryer produced in USA, it did not work for urgent project.

GN solids control always consider the client’s
requirement as first, we also have some of high speed( normally 3200 rpm, max
3800rpm) decanter centrifuges in stock, usually the vertical cuttings dryer and
decanter centrifuge work together in a drilling cuttings treatment system.

GNCD930D is our new generation vertical cuttings
, compared with GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer, The “D” version adopted G force 420@900rpm &  G
force 750@1200rpm, and with smaller footprint, in the drilling rig
site, especially for the offshore rig platform, there is only small area to
install the vertical cuttings dryer, GNCD930D cuttings dryer designed for user

After treated by GN vertical cuttings dryer, the oil on cuttings (OOC) is below 5%,
which can meet the environmental standard for most countries, for some
countries with more strict rules, we provide further treatment solutions,
Thermal desorption Unit. For more details about GN TDU, pls contact GN solids sales.

Not only in
GN solids control China warehouse, we also vertical cuttings dryer and decanter
in stock in Houston warehouse for clients in North America and South
America, welcome to visit GN solids America in Houston.

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