Standardised GNMS500GL Mud System on Site

Eventually investigation and customisation
regarding HDD mud
, at this point GN Solids Control are usually supplying more and
more modularised mud systems to the market, little customisation may meet the
needs of customer. Then more and moe buyers like the modular mud system.
Also more and more client get concern on the operation outcome, especially when
there are a lot of same item suppliers in the market, it is hard to inform the
difference from pictures, marketing and advertising advertise, as they
sometimes simply a copy, or same.
Once we always told our clients, finding is believing, you have to examine and
see the equipment, the service by yourself, then you can make a suitable
decision, have a better decision.

As have a lot of buyers, normally we have site designed for visit, just the
different spot. Different operations. Well many clients do not really like
GN Solids Control shipping one
sets standard 500gpm mud system- GNMS-500GL for you to domestic client on May
twenty fifth, 2015. This mud system already worked for over three or more
projects. Our engineer allows instruction on the installation and test, taking
back useful jobsite data. The client is a lot satisfied with GN compact mud
This is the most popular mud
recycling system
for HDD projects. Nearly all CPP jobs are using 500gpm mud
system, and if only the space sufficient, then they will choose this kind of
What is the difference involving GN mud system along with other suppliers, as a
leader already in the market, now a lot of GN supporters claimed they can
supply precisely same products. While the heart and soul is implied in facts.
Just like GN admit all of us still have differences to meet up with the top US
To the 500GL, the client is pleased with the compact, flexible style and
design, also sweet ones including folding walkways, containerised mud tanks.
And eventually they will discover, all optimised details last longer, the
serving time frame will be longer, that preserves money.

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