Solids control equipments shipping to Asia country

This week GN solids control shipped
one set of solids control system to Asia country,

Including one set of high G force linear motion
shale shaker
GNZS594E-HB, 2 sets of variable speed decanter centrifuge
GNLW363CG-VFD with 2 sets of feeding pump, 1 unit of catch tank. It is not
traditional solids control system for oil & gas drilling, like GN standard
& customized designed solids control system for drilling rigs from 250HP to
3000HP. The traditional solids control system will at least include 2 or 3 or 4
sets of shale shaker, with
, desilter or mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, the
centrifuge is as an option, also the mud mixing tank & storage tank. The
purpose to use 2 units of VFD decanter centrifuge is to separate the fine
solids from the drilling fluids and get the water be re-used for drilling.

GN solids control is specialized in design customized solids control
system for different models drilling rigs, both for oil & gas drilling and
non-oil industry drilling, like water well drilling, no-dig drilling. In recent
years, our main products changed to drilling
waste management system
/ equipments which combined with solids control
system as zero-discharge system or called pitless drilling cuttings treatment
system. The function of pitless system is to prevent the earth from hazardous
drilling waste, especially to protect the under-ground water and earth. The
traditional oil drilling will need to dig a hole under the ground to remain the
drilling waste, and use the truck to transfer the drilling cuttings to the
drilling waste treatment facility. It will damage the environment in 2 aspects:
1) it may pollute the underground water & earth 2) it may spray outside
from the truck during shipment and pollute the farmer’s earth nearby 3) it will
increase the drilling waste management cost, so increase the total drilling
cost and reduce the profit.

To get more information about GN solids
control system
and pitless drilling mud system, pls contact GN solids sales.

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