GN Solids Control will attend ADIPEC oil show in 2016

GN Solids Control cannot attend ADIPEC oil show in 2015 because of too many projects; we are very busy to deal with the clients’ visiting, inspecting product before delivery and we are also very busy for company rebuild to extend our production capacity and try to grow into China Solids control equipment company with largest production capacity. The company rebuild will finish at beginning of next year, we may with ability to produce 300 sets decanter centrifuge, 500 sets shale shaker & mud cleaner, 700 sets centrifugal pump, 12000pcs shaker screen for annual production.

Until then, we will produce and stock commonly used equipment model for fast delivery and urgent use project.

Shale shaker, we will stock 4 panel shaker with replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose;

Decanter Centrifuge, we will stock high speed centrifuge GNLW363 which is replacement centrifuge for Derrick DE1000, Swaco 518 etc.

Vertical cuttings dryer, we will stock high speed VG dryer GNCD930 which is replacement VG dryer for Swaco dryer /CSI dryer.

And next year in 2016, we surely will attend the ADIPEC oil show with latest model centrifuge GNLW363 and shale shaker GNZS594 and Verti G dryer GNCD930. We are planning to attend ADIPEC 2016 partner with international oil service giant Halliburton / Baker Hughes if there is good chance for both sides.

GN Solids Control key product brief introduction:

1)       Decanter centrifuge, used for solids control / drilling waste management. In solids control, centrifuge is used as 4th phase of solids control system, to remove fine solids and adjust the mud weight as per drilling engineer request. In drilling waste management, it is used after vertical cuttings dryer / High G dryer and get more clean mud for reuse.

2)       Vertical cuttings dryer, used for drilling cuttings treatment, recycle the clean drilling mud and discharge the big solids which waste produced by drilling process. The solids will be taken to Thermal desorption unit for final treatment. GN Solids Control can also offer TDU machine.

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