Thermal Desorption Unit TDU for sale in Houston

GN solids control develop new
products Thermal Desorption Unit as the further treatment equipments for GN
standard vertical cuttings dryer waste management system.

According to our clients
feedback after using GN drilling waste management system, the oil content in
the cuttings is below 5% , in some countries, the parameter is acceptable for
environmental laws, but in some other country, they have extreme strict environmental
protection that they need the “number” under 1%. So they need the thermal
desorption unit to do the further treatment. But because of the high price of
the TDU, most clients can only rent it.

GN thermal desorption unit can
match our own drilling waste management system, also it can match other brand
vertical cuttings dryers. Same as the goods solids control system can reduce
the drilling waste, so the drilling waste management system working performance
will be improved; the goods drilling waste management system( or vertical
cuttings dryer system) can reduce the oil content in the cuttings as much as it
can, so the thermal desorption unit will work better. GN vertical cuttings
dryer’s data is around 3.77%. If the cuttings dryer did not works well, you
will have to pay more in the further treatment, and the TDU result may not
match the environmental requirement.

TDU will be used only for oil
based drilling cuttings treatment, for water based cuttings, GN high-G dryer
and high speed decanter centrifuge will separate the solids very dry and
ship them by truck, and recycle the fluids as much as possible. We make them
into modular unit and make them combination in a system to meet your different
requirement for both water based and oil based drill cuttings.

To get the brochure of GN
thermal desorption unit
, solidification unit, drilling waste management
system, pls contact GN solids America in Houston, 6710 windfern rd, TX77040.

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