Decanter centrifuge for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Decanter centrifuge is seldom
used for horizontal directional drilling because of the high cost and
separation factor. Only when the fine solids accumulated on the mud recycling
system and the desilter cone can not separate them out, then the recycled mud
can not be used for drilling unless the fine solids (smaller than 15 microns)
could be reduced. GN low speed/ middle speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452
centrifuge should be used by such situation.

GN has shipped 4 sets of
1000gpm mud recycling system with 2 units of GNLW452 decanter centrifuges for
CPP(China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau) for their crossing project. Totally 4 sets
of desander mud cleaner with 2 10inch desander cone and double deck shale
GNZS705, 4 sets of desilter mud cleaner with 10pcs 4inch desilter cones
with double deck shale shaker, 8 sets of GNLW452 decanter centrifuge with 18inch
bowl diameter, 1800rpm speed, 8 sets of centrifugal pumps to feed for the
desander, desilter, 8 sets of feeding pump for the decanter centrifuges. 8 sets
of 20ft container to install the equipments on it and with storage capacity.

This is not the first order
from CPP, they start to buy mud recycling system for HDD since 2010, and until
now they already bought 30 sets of drilling mud cleaning system from GN solids

The function of the decanter
in this system is not to separate all the fine solids under 15
microns, the purpose is to reduce the fine solids content in the recycled
fluids so it can be re-used for the drilling. So the centrifuge capacity do not
have to equal with the solids control mud cleaner, it is not always running, we
will open it according to the mud conditions.

Not only for HDD mud recycling
, the same design could be used for tailings treatment of mining, oil
drilling. Welcome to contact GN solids control for more info.

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