Maintenance of GN vertical cuttings dryer for WBM & OBM

GN vertical cuttings dryer can be used for both water
based mud and oil based mud/ or SBM. The maintenance cost is one of the main
concern for mud service company or waste service company, they are all looking
for a cost effect dryer for the drilling
waste management
compared with US brand cuttings dryer or ship the waste to
drilling waste management companies.

The main spare parts for vertical
cuttings dryer
are as below, most of the maintenance cost is from these
spare parts:

basket, the screen basket and screen frame are separated components and they
are balanced separately. The screen basket scraper is installed to prevent the
discharged fluids from blocked on the screens, sometimes the solids content is
very high, it is not easy to get down from the screens. Based on different
drilling cuttings conditions, the replacement period will be different for the
screens, pls check with GN sales engineer team for the required quantity in one

& Cone Rotor Assembly, the 8 flites are fixed on the rotor assembly, you
need to replace it completely. The flights are used to prevent cuttings
blocking the screens and scraping the mud inside the screens.

replace time based on actual working time.

jar with scraper, the scrapers are used for solids discharge scraping.

discharge ring, it is not easy to be damaged normally, 1 set is required as
back up.

With flushing pump and air knife to provide
pressurized cleaning, that is why GN cuttings dryer can be used for both WBM
and OBM. We have 2 units of vertical cuttings dryer and other equipment include vacuum degasser,
decanter centrifuge, shale shaker,mud agitator, desander ,etc. stocked
in Houston warehouse, 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040, USA. GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top
quality equipment for our clients. Cuttings
solidification unit
is the new design of GN Solids Control.Welcome to check our website to know more info from GN
Solids Control.


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