Water based drilling cuttings treatment system in the rig site

GN designed vertical G dryer waste management system can be used for both water based drilling cuttings and oil based drilling cuttings, and the field test result is proved successful. The standard vertical G dryer waste management system including: verti-G dryer GNCD930D-VFD, decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD, Nemo pump GNG30-075 for feeding the centrifuge, Nemo pump GNG10A-040 for flushing the VFD decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer, oilfield 3-runner design skid, V type fluids collection tank and accessories. This type tank is for easy tank bottom cleaning and avoid of accumulation of solids in the tank bottom .

We have specially designed drilling waste management system for water based drilling cuttings, the benefit to apply for this system is :

1 Use Hi-G dryer to instead of Verti-G dryer, less the purchasing cost and less the electricity consumption

2 Less the flushing pump for the vertical G dryer

3 G-force of Hi-G dryer can reach 8.0G max, with 4-panel shaker screen and 2.73m2 large screen area for better separation. After treated by hi-G dryer, the liquid is feeding to decanter centrifuge directly.

But compared with Hi-G dryer, vertical G dryer treated the cuttings much drier, the solids can be removed directly by truck, but the solids separated by Hi-G dryer still remain around 40% humidity.

In water based mud treatment system, the centrifuge is normally installed on the highest telescopic frame for better solids discharge. But the shale shaker could be put it on the lower stand.

       But if for oil based cuttings, Vertical G dryer management system is the best option, we have utilized it in many rig sites in the world to test its performance, it is proved good according to our client’s feedback.

To check GN vertical cuttings dryer performance in the rigsite, pls check the video from GN website from the video page.

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