GNLW223 Centrifuge in Chile for sale

GN solids control produced GNLW223 dewatering centrifuge is widely sold for mineral exploration industry. Also our unique designed solids removal unit is introduced to solve the problem of drilling cuttings dewatering and recycling the water and less cost. Now we have 1 unit of GNLW223 mini centrifuge with 3800rpm high speed in stock in Chile for sale, if you are involved in the diamond core drilling and under pressure to less the water consumption and less the cost for drilling, pls contact GN solids control for quotation.

Most contractors in mining exploration industry have not aware the importance to use the dewatering unit, or right now the environmental regulation in their drilling area is not so clear and strict, so most of them do not use the solids separation unit for diamond core drilling. We believed that the benefits to use a solids removal unit will be take more attention to in the near future because the government already realized the necessary to issue the new regulation.

The specification of GN stocked dewatering centrifuge is as below:

1 bowl diameter: 9inch

2 bowl length : 26inch

3 normal flow rate: 150L/min

4 bowl speed: up to 4500rpm, could be customized, VFD available.

5 drive type: electric drive, hydraulic drive

6 Max G force: 3077

7 scroll protection: tungsten carbide

8 bowl material: stainless steel 316L

This centrifuge in stock is electric motor drived, but we can make it without motor and control panel, so you can install hydraulic drive on it for electricity limit area.

Also we have 1 unit of such centrifuge in Montreal, Canada for sale, and 1 unit of GNLW223 decanter centrifuge in GN Solids America Houston warehouse for show, together with the feeding pump 4 HP. You can get all of them after May, 2015. Pls contact GN solids America sales for the price.

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