A new solids control system can save your drilling cost

A new solids control system produced by GN solids control can save your drilling cost extremely, especially under the situation that Brent crude oil prices fell below $49 a barrel and U.S. crude also fell more than $1 on Monday after the global economic outlook darkened and Iraq announced record oil production. You have to reduce your production cost in everywhere to fight with the low crude oil price, otherwise you can not earn money and keep your business going well.

The benefits to use proper solids control equipments have been emphasized for many times, like

1 Drilling fluid maintenance cost, clean up, and disposal cost, more fluids can be reused for drilling to save your money

2 Reduce your pressure from regulations of environmen protection

3 Less the overall cost of drilling

GN solids control system can be completely customized design according to your rig model and rig site layout. We have experienced engineer team who can give you professional solutions for all kinds of drilling/ boring engineering, including oil & gas drilling, geothermal drilling, water well drilling ,coal bed methane, horizontal directional drilling, diamond core drilling.

Recently GN solids control shipped 3 sets of 1000 HP drilling rig solids control system for a drilling company in Europe, not only in Europe, our solids control system has been sold to over 60 countries in the world, and we can meet the high standard requirement for Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America and also for offshore project.

These 3 sets of solids control systems are exported to Europe, all motors and electric control panels are ATEX certified and all machines are CE certified. GN Solids Control is one of the few companies in China who can meet such requirement. And in other developed area like North America, we provide solids control system with IEC ex certificate.

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