Solids Dewatering Centrifuge in Houston

GN solids America manufacture solids dewatering centrifuge/ barite recovery centrifuge in Houston, TX in 3 sizes, 14inch, 18inch and 22 inch. We provide both sales and rental service in the States, welcome to contact GN sales by 713 320 3868 and 713 878 0880 for more details.

Whatever you are working with mud/drilling fluids/drilling waste water, there will always be a proper model of GN decanter centrifuge for your best choice. We will choose the correct model based on your customized project. For example, recently we have 2 new designed dewatering system, one is for Asia client, combined the solids control system and dewatering system together, the dewatering system with dewatering centrifuge 22 inch bowl are fixed inside a 40ft container for easy move and prevent of powders.The other one is dewatering system with 2 units of GNLW454VFD centrifuge, feeding pumps and frame. Such design is because of the treating capacity the client required.

The most popular dewatering centrifuge among all GN equipments are GNLW553VFD decanter centrifuge, this is the biggest model we produced with 22 inch centrifuge bowl. This centrifuge has been field proved in many countries like Nigeria, Russia, Turkey and middle east countries, it is widely used for dewatering unit, solids control system, drilling waste management system, dredging slurry separation, tank bottom cleaning or mud pit cleaning. The normal or typical treating capacity of this centrifuge is 90m3/h with typical G force 1888G and typical working speed 2500rpm. The separation size of this centrifuge is 2~5 microns.

GN solids America, which acts as the sales office and warehouse of one of the top solids control equipments manufactures in China-GN solids control, ever have this big bowl centrifuge in stock in our Houston warehouse, which is already sold after attending the OTC. Recently we will have new GNLW553VFD centrifuge in stock, welcome to visit and check its performance to our office.

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