GN Branch Company Introduction

With the fast development of GN Solids Control Company, GN has established one American branch company which name is GN Solids America right in Houston, TX. Besides, GN is busying with opening another branch company in Moscow, Russia. GN believe that by establish these two branch companies and some other branches are also prepared to open in the next few years, GN will experience a much faster growth and service more clients with excellent equipments.

As different regions or countries might have different ways to make business, GN has taken some necessary things into consideration. Just take GN Solids America(website: as an example, considering the local culture and language difference, GN is hiring local employees working in Houston office. And GN also sent engineers to American for technical help and good service.

It is quite common that many companies in America are willing to rent some equipment and use them for a while. So GN is start doing rental business for solids control equipments and waste management systems. All of these equipments are hotly welcomed by local customers.

As more and more customers come to GN Solids America and ask for solids control equipments and some other equipments for renting, GN are attaching more and more attentions on reasonable storage. In the second half year of 2014, many GN equipments such as shale shakers, decanter centrifuges, mud cleaners etc having been sent to Houston warehouse.

GN also pays plenty of attention to storage spare parts for emergency use. Shaker screens will be sent to America and be kept in a fixed number. Today, GN just arranged to sent 11 wood pallets which are full of spare parts and consumable parts, such as springs used on shake shaker, cyclones used on mud cleaner, differential mechanisms used on decanter centrifuge, and motor on cuttings dryer etc.

We believe that GN will devote to develop the American market based in Houston, and some sub branch companies might be established in the America in the next few years.  

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