Drilling cuttings decanter centrifuge in the jobsite

GN solids control already sold over 250 units drilling cuttings decanter centrifuge in the world, below is a photo of GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge in the jobsite.

Besides of decanter centrifuge, this client also used our screw conveyor to collect the drilling cuttings and transfer them. Screw conveyor is specially used for drilling cuttings transferring in the drilling waste management system, especially for the drilling cuttings with less fluids, the performance of transfer is proved better than other transferring methods.

The most essential factors of the screw conveyor quality is the bearings and screw propeller, it is often used horizontally or at a slight incline to transfer the materials. GN always choose world famous brand bearings for such essential components, and we provide various options of screw material as customer’s requirement, also the screw conveyor length could be customized,we have various sections with each section 12ft length.

Normally our client will make a high and adjustable frame locally for their only project, then they will put our decanter centrifuge on the frame. Our decanter centrifuge can be used as the applications below:

1 water based drilling fluids dewatering centrifuge

2 barite recovery decanter centrifuge in solids control system

3 decanter centrifuge for high gravity and low gravity solids

4 drilling cuttings treatment system

5 waste water treatment

The most important issue in the jobsite operation is maintenance, with good and proper maintenance, the decanter centrifuge can work very well. Below is the instructions should be paid more attention for the centrifuge operation.

1 cleaning after every time operation by water or drilling fluids

2 lubrication according to GN recommend lubrication chart

3 tighten the safety guard belt before shipment, and remove it before start

GN professional engineer will fly to your jobsite to trainer your operator and help for first time commissioning service.

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