10 shale shaker, 3 units of mud cleaners shipped from GN Solids America

This week GN Solids America( based in 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX77040) shipped 10 shale shakers, 3 units of mud cleaners to our oil drilling solids control client. This is his repeat orders.

Right now we have 4 shale shakers and 1 mud cleaner in stock for sale, welcome to call GN solids America sales for the price offer.

Applications of GN shale shaker GNZS594:

1 as the first phase cleaning solids control equipment in the drilling rig solids control system

2 as hi-G dryer shaker in water based cuttings treatment system

3 as dewatering shakers to separate big solids before decanter centrifuge in the dewatering system

4 as shale shakers to separate big solids and less solids content before GN middle speed decanter centrifuge in barite recovery system

5 as 1st step mud cleaning equipment in HDD/CBM/ Geothermal drilling mud recycling system

6 as the underflow shale shaker of mud cleaner

7 as part of the bored pile desander unit

Application of GN mud cleaner GNZJ594-2S12N:

1 as the 2nd and 3rd phase cleaning equipment in oilfield solids control system

2 as bored piles desander unit

3 as part of waste water treatment system

4 as ideal equipment to separate solids from fluids for most industries

GN solids control has shaker screens in stock in our Houston warehouse, the API mesh size from API60 to API230. Also for the normal spare parts, like wedges, springs, vibration damps, bearings, oil seal, electric motors, gear box and other parts are all in stock for immediate shipment.

Except for shale shaker and mud cleaners, we also have mud mixer, hopper, centrifugal pump, mud gun, shear pump in stock, welcome to visit us.

Also we provide customized design mud tank system for your particular project, like waste oil recovery, barite recovery, drilling fluids recycling, bored piles, tunneling, etc.

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