Crude oil tank bottom cleaning equipments in Houston

The purpose of cleaning crude oil tank bottom:

1 recovery of more valued hydrocarbon

2 reduce hazardous waste generated from tank bottoms, to meet the environmental protection regulations acted by the government.

3 improve the cleanness of crude oil in the production process

4 eliminate hazardous-waste handling costs

Normally there are 2 ways for the oil tank bottom cleaning process:

1 Mechanical cleaning way

2 Chemical cleaning way, this is an efficient way for tank bottom cleaning, but not so easy

Here we will briefly introduce the equipments used for oil tank bottom cleaning by mechanical ways.

Traditionally the most difficult thing by mechanical way is how to remove the oil sludge out from the tank bottom. And you have to solve the problem of non-fluidity sludge, usually the tank bottom sludge is composed of water, oil and solids, the purpose is to have fluids and solids separated, then use oil-water-separation system to get clean oil and non-hazardous water, the solids also should be nonhazardous solids.

But the mechanical way is hardly reaching the ideal result- clean water, oil and clean solids. There might be some oily soil remained in the water and oil remained in the solids, which caused you can not discharge them directly to the environment, but the further more treatment may lead higher cost.

High speed , high-G force Decanter centrifuge is widely used for tank bottom cleaning process, GN solids America has various sizes of decanter centrifuge in Houston warehouse for sale. We have 3 series models of centrifuges, GNLW363 series( 14 inch dia bowl), GNLW453 series( 18 inch dia bowl), GNLW553 series( 22 inch bowl), welcome to call 713 320 3868 for more parameters.

Fluids collection box or mobile oil sludge storage tank is also used in such mechnical process.

To avoild of more tank bottom sludge, a better agitating system should be applied during storage of crude oil.

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