Save Money by Buying Decanter Centrifuge & shale shaker

The Swaco variable speed 518 centrifuge has the control flexibility to delivereffective solids/liquids separation for the varying conditions encountered through out most drilling programs. Infinitely adjustable main Decanter Centrifuge and conveyor speeds coupledwith the ability to increase or decrease conveyor differential , provide completecentrifuging ra nge capability with a single unit.

shale shaker speed can vary from 0 – 3250 rpm to increase particle separation
(cutpoint) for improved solids removal and cleaner effluent.
Differential speed can be regulated to improve solids conveyance or obtain
dryer discard through the variable speed panel.
Main bowl and conveyor speeds are infinitely controllable within specified
operating ranges.
The liquid radius in the decanter can be changed to obtain either a wet/dry
solids discard or cleaner effluent.
Speed adjustments are done through the Variable Frequency Panel that is
separate from the centrifuge.
Bowl torque monitoring adjusts pump speed to eliminate plugging of unit.
Increased horsepower and coffin modifications allow for feed rate volumes
up to 800Lpm.
Heavy duty 50 Hp main drive motor replacing the 30 Hp.
20 Hp motor on back drive replacing the 7.5 Hp.
New tie down lid , required only one wrench and no nuts and bolts.
Simple start / stop switches for easy start up and shut down of centrifuge and
Cost Effective
The VS 518 effectively removes the finest of silts and returns the expensive
fluid for re-use within the system. Minimizing cost for make up fluids ,
dilution , cleanup and disposal..

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