Mud System Available In a Wide Range

The dust on the casing should be cleaned periodically.Before operation the fix bolts of the motor should be checked to see if they are loosened. If so, they should be fixed tightly before use.

Check to see if the service cable is rubbed, buried or squeezed.A good lubrication of the drilling waste management should be ensured during their operation.An appropriate amount of high temperature lubricating grease LGHP2 by SKF was injected for the bearing before its assemblage, with it’s working temperature between -40~200°C.No less than 25.8g lubricating grease LGHP2 should be injected into each bearing for every 2000 hours.

 When Mud Cleaner is found that temperature of the bearing is 10℃ higher than its average daily temperature (meaning that the so-called risen temperature is that measured at the bearing location of motor casing on-the-spot subtracts from the outside environmental temperature) in 2000hours, Mud Agitatorshows that the bearing is lacking of lubrication, the lubricating period and the amount should be both reduced.

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