Oilfield Solids Control Equipment Decanter Centrifuge

GN Decanter centrifuge is utilized to remove solids in oilfield drilling operation to achieve drilling fluids purification system. Decanter centrifuge is also named as horizontal screw discharge or sedimentation centrifuge, and is the special solids control equipment to conduct liquid separation. It is normally applied as fourth stage equipment; the first stage is shale shaker, then desander and desilter.  Desander, desilter and shale shaker are in one unit for the mud cleaner. In oilfield drilling, there are normally two sets of decanter centrifuge for sale to purify the  fluid.

1) The first centrifuge is with middle speed, G force around 700~1000 and speed roughly 2000RPM.It mainly used for recovering barite which is an expensive material for drilling mud. The recovered barite will not be discharged and turned back to the drilling rig mud system. A high performance decanter centrifuge with the effective barite recovery contributes to reduce the drilling cost and increase drilling efficiency

2) The second decanter centrifuge is used for the treatment of the drilling cuttings. It is mainly used to separate fine solids from the low gravity solids mud. Technically, it is used to downstream from vertical cutting dryer after high-G shaker.

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