GN Solids Control’s Success at 2024 Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show

GN Solids Control recently participated in the 2024 Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show, one of the largest and most influential petroleum exhibitions in Asia. The event took place from March 27th to 29th, 2024, at the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC).

At the exhibition, GN Solids Control showcased its innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies in the field of solids control and drilling waste management. Our booth attracted a significant number of visitors, including industry professionals, potential clients, and partners from around the world.

One of the highlights of our presence at the exhibition was the demonstration of our latest products and equipment. Visitors had the opportunity to witness firsthand the efficiency, reliability, and advanced features of our decanter centrifuges, shale shakers, mud cleaners, and other equipment designed to optimize drilling operations and minimize environmental impact.


We are proud to announce that GN Solids Control received positive feedback and great interest from attendees during the event. Our team engaged in productive discussions, exchanged valuable insights, and established new connections with industry leaders and decision-makers.

One key aspect of our success at the exhibition was our commitment to providing personalized and direct support to our clients. We understand the importance of building strong relationships and addressing the unique needs of each customer. Therefore, we made it a priority to offer on-site consultations, technical guidance, and tailored solutions to help our clients achieve their operational goals.

Furthermore, GN Solids Control emphasized the importance of environmental sustainability and compliance with industry standards. Our solutions are designed to meet the highest quality and safety requirements while minimizing environmental impact and promoting resource conservation.


In addition to showcasing our products, GN Solids Control also participated in various seminars, forums, and networking events held during the exhibition. These platforms provided valuable opportunities to share industry insights, discuss emerging trends, and forge partnerships with other stakeholders in the oil and gas sector.


As we reflect on our participation in the 2024 Beijing CIPPE Oil Equipment Show, we are excited about the prospects of further collaboration and growth in the industry. GN Solids Control remains dedicated to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction, and we look forward to continuing our journey of success in the global oil and gas market.



GN Solids Control Vertical cutting dryers in Action

In the dynamic world of solids control within the oil and gas industry, one technological marvel stands out – the GN Solids Control Vertical Cutting Dryer. This cutting-edge equipment has revolutionized the way drilling waste is managed, offering unprecedented efficiency and environmental benefits.

Understanding the GN Vertical Cutting Dryer:

The GN Vertical Cutting Dryer is a key component in the drilling waste management process. Its primary function is to effectively separate drilling solids from drilling fluids, ensuring that the recovered mud can be reused, reducing waste and operational costs.

High Rotation Speed: One of the standout features of the GN Vertical Cutting Dryer is its high rotation speed. This ensures that cuttings are subjected to strong centrifugal force, effectively separating them from the drilling fluids.

Efficient Drying: The cutting dryer boasts impressive drying capabilities, significantly reducing the oil content in the cuttings. This not only aids in waste disposal but also facilitates the recovery of valuable drilling fluids.

User-Friendly Design: GN Solids Control places user convenience at the forefront. The Vertical Cutting Dryer is designed for easy operation and maintenance, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Environmental Sustainability: As environmental consciousness becomes a priority, the GN Vertical Cutting Dryer plays a crucial role. By minimizing waste and facilitating the reuse of drilling fluids, it contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly drilling process.

The applications of the GN Vertical Cutting Dryer are diverse, spanning across various drilling operations. From onshore to offshore drilling projects, this equipment proves its versatility and reliability.

Precision Monitoring for Safety: Equipped with advanced level sensors, these models ensured precise monitoring to prevent over-suction of fluids, enhancing safety and reliability in the degassing process.

Solids Control System Components:

The GN Solids Control Vertical cutting dryers were part of a comprehensive solids control system that included the following components:

GNZS594J-SHBJ Drilling Fluid Shale Shakers (8 units): These high-performance shale shakers efficiently removed solids from drilling fluids, ensuring a clean and reusable mud system.

GNZJ594J-2S12N Mud Cleaners (2 units): The mud cleaners played a crucial role in the cleaning process, separating fine particles and contributing to the overall clarity of the drilling fluid.

Horizontal Decanter Centrifuges (2 units): These centrifuges enhanced the solids separation process, providing further efficiency in the solids control system.

Vertical Cutting Dryer (1 unit): As part of the system, the vertical cutting dryer complemented the degassers, effectively separating drilling solids from fluids and promoting waste reduction.

Our GN Solids Control Vertical cutting dryers, alongside the complete solids control system, were successfully deployed for a prominent client in Europe. This project not only showcased the global reach of GN Solids Control but also highlighted the trust placed in our advanced technology for critical drilling operations.

The integration of GN Vertical cutting dryers into a comprehensive solids control system for a European client underscores the reliability and effectiveness of GN Solids Control equipment on a global scale. As the oil and gas industry continues to evolve, GN Solids Control remains at the forefront, providing innovative solutions that set new standards for efficiency, safety, and performance in drilling operations worldwide.

Solids Control Equipment for Projects in Indonesia

In another stride towards operational excellence, we are pleased to announce that GN Solids Control successfully supplied 4 sets of solids control systems for drilling rigs to a project in Indonesia this week. These systems, designed to tackle the specific challenges of drilling, promise a significant enhancement in efficiency and overall performance.

Each set of solids control equipment for drilling rigs includes key components from GN Solids Control, renowned for their robustness and effectiveness. Here’s a detailed overview of the equipment:

GNZS594J Shale Shaker: 2 Units

The GNZS594J vibrating screen is an essential component for the initial separation of solids from drilling mud. With the inclusion of two units in each set, an efficient first-stage filtration is ensured.

GNZS752J-2S Desander: 1 Unit

The GNZS752J-2S desander, present in each set, plays a crucial role in removing larger particles from the mud. Its advanced and efficient design promises seamless operation.

GNZS752J-12N Desilter: 1 Unit

The GNZS752J-12N desilter complements the desander by addressing smaller particles in the mud. Its inclusion ensures additional purification and optimization of mud quality.

GNZYQ-1000A Mud Gas Separator: 1 Unit

The GNZYQ-1000A mud gas separator is a crucial addition to ensure operational safety by removing unwanted gases from the mud. Each set includes this component to maintain a safe and controlled drilling environment.

Agitators: Several Units

Furthermore, each set is equipped with several agitators. These devices play a vital role in homogenizing the mud, ensuring a uniform mixture and improving the overall efficiency of the system.

The combination of these solids control equipment promises a significant improvement in operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity. With the inclusion of advanced vibrating screens, desanders, and desilters, a notable optimization in mud quality is expected, contributing to more effective drilling. The GNZYQ-1000A mud gas separator adds an additional layer of safety by eliminating unwanted gases, creating a safer working environment for the team.

With these sets of solids control systems from GN Solids Control, we are confident that the project in Indonesia will experience more efficient and cost-effective drilling.