Solids Control Equipment for Projects in Indonesia

In another stride towards operational excellence, we are pleased to announce that GN Solids Control successfully supplied 4 sets of solids control systems for drilling rigs to a project in Indonesia this week. These systems, designed to tackle the specific challenges of drilling, promise a significant enhancement in efficiency and overall performance.

Each set of solids control equipment for drilling rigs includes key components from GN Solids Control, renowned for their robustness and effectiveness. Here’s a detailed overview of the equipment:

GNZS594J Shale Shaker: 2 Units

The GNZS594J vibrating screen is an essential component for the initial separation of solids from drilling mud. With the inclusion of two units in each set, an efficient first-stage filtration is ensured.

GNZS752J-2S Desander: 1 Unit

The GNZS752J-2S desander, present in each set, plays a crucial role in removing larger particles from the mud. Its advanced and efficient design promises seamless operation.

GNZS752J-12N Desilter: 1 Unit

The GNZS752J-12N desilter complements the desander by addressing smaller particles in the mud. Its inclusion ensures additional purification and optimization of mud quality.

GNZYQ-1000A Mud Gas Separator: 1 Unit

The GNZYQ-1000A mud gas separator is a crucial addition to ensure operational safety by removing unwanted gases from the mud. Each set includes this component to maintain a safe and controlled drilling environment.

Agitators: Several Units

Furthermore, each set is equipped with several agitators. These devices play a vital role in homogenizing the mud, ensuring a uniform mixture and improving the overall efficiency of the system.

The combination of these solids control equipment promises a significant improvement in operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity. With the inclusion of advanced vibrating screens, desanders, and desilters, a notable optimization in mud quality is expected, contributing to more effective drilling. The GNZYQ-1000A mud gas separator adds an additional layer of safety by eliminating unwanted gases, creating a safer working environment for the team.

With these sets of solids control systems from GN Solids Control, we are confident that the project in Indonesia will experience more efficient and cost-effective drilling.