GN Solids Control’s Jet Mud Mixer

The Jet Mud Mixer, developed by GN Solids Control, is a cutting-edge device designed to blend drilling fluids with various additives, facilitating the creation of a well-balanced and homogenous mud mixture. This mixture plays a crucial role in maintaining stability during drilling operations while simultaneously carrying away drill cuttings.

The Jet Mud Mixer comprises two primary components – a mixing hopper and a centrifugal pump. The mixing hopper is responsible for introducing drilling additives into the mud, ensuring consistent and accurate blending. The centrifugal pump, on the other hand, propels the mixed fluid back into the active mud system.

The working principle is quite ingenious. The high-speed impeller within the centrifugal pump creates a strong vacuum, pulling the additives from the hopper and infusing them into the fluid stream. This process ensures thorough mixing, preventing the formation of clumps or uneven distribution of additives.

The Jet Mud Mixer ensures that drilling mud attains the desired properties by uniformly dispersing additives, thereby optimizing its performance during drilling. With the ability to rapidly blend drilling additives, the Jet Mud Mixer reduces the need for manual mixing, saving time and labor costs.

The precise and consistent mixing process eliminates variations in mud composition, enhancing the overall drilling process’s efficiency and effectiveness. By maximizing the utilization of drilling additives and minimizing wastage, the Jet Mud Mixer contributes to cost savings over the long run.

The optimized mud mixture reduces the impact of drilling operations on the environment by minimizing the volume of waste generated.GN Solids Control offers a range of Jet Mud Mixer models with varying capacities, allowing operators to select the most suitable option for their specific drilling requirements.

Model Capacity Pressure Motor
GNSLH-750B 320m3/h 0.25~0.4Mpa 75kw
GNSLH-550B 272m3/h 55kw
GNSLH-450B 200m3/h 45kw
GNSLH -370B 150m3/h 37kw
GNSLH-300B 120m3/h 30kw
GNSLH-220B 90m3/h 22kW
GNSLH-185B 65m3/h 18.5kW
GNSLH-150B 55m3/h 15kW
GNSLH-110B 45m3/h 11kW