GN Solids Control and Waste Management: Slurry and Mud Pumps

GN Solids Control and Waste Management has some of the best centrifugal pumps in the industry. Our centrifugal pumps are capable of providing a solution for multiple applications, including transferring slurry, mud, and water. It can be used for feeding various types of equipment, and compliments other GN equipment very well. Commonly it is used as a mixing pump for our Jet Mud Mixer, feeding desilters and desanders as well. Other common applications the centrifugal pump is being used as a trip pump, and also as a supercharging pump for a rig mud pump. All of our centrifugal pumps have tungsten carbine mechanical seals as the standard – and we partner with the world famous brand – “Bearing.”

The spare parts for our centrifugal pumps are interchangeable with most other international brands – this allows our customers to source spare parts easily and gives them peace of mind that the pump will always be apart of their solution. The installation/repair/maintenance of our centrifugal pumps are very easy and user friendly, this is largely due to our design of the pump. We have an open impeller design that lowers the axial thrust loads, and that allows for the ease of use and installation.

Some other key features and benefits of our pumps. The concentric casing is thick and strong, which provides extended life over conventional volute designs. This design also minimizes abrasion and turbulence. The wide open-vane impeller creates lower axial thrust which improves the bearing life. The pump casing itself is made from hard ductile iron alloy, which is a noticeable improvement over our competitors designs. Including in our pump design is an anti-loosening impeller lock bolt to eliminate pump damage in the event of an improper motor hook up. High quality, no adjustment mechanical seals ensure there is net zero leakage, resulting in a longer operating life. All of the pump bearings are from top tier reliable industry brands. Lastly the skid itself is designed to support the pump and motor, and is made from casting rather than welding to provide reliable, long lasting operation, which also has the added benefit of less vibration.


As always, please contact GN Solids Control and Waste Management to get in touch with a sales representative to give you the best technical recommendation for your pump solution.