GN Solids Control’s Decanter Centrifuge for Your Mechanical Separation Needs

GN Solids Control and Waste Management is the ideal choice for all of your mechanical separation needs – from equipment, to technology, affordability, and effectiveness. One of our flagship pieces of equipment, are our centrifuges. GN has several different types of centrifuges to suite your needs for whichever application you may need one for. The main uses for our decanter centrifuges are:

  • Dewatering sludge / mud and suspensions
  • Thickening sludge or mud
  • Clarifying different type liquids
  • Separating 3-phase mixtures, i.e. two immiscible fluid phases and a solid phase
  • Classifying solids in a wet suspension by grain size
  • Separation of solids according to various densities

There are typically three different types of decanter centrifuges, for different industries and applications:


First is our “T Series,” or Dewatering Centrifuge. This series is ideal for drilling mud, environmental protection, sewage, oily sludge, sand, and mineral washing


Secondly, is our “Y Series” – known as our Separation type centrifuge – specifically engineered for two phase materials with viscous properties. This would include mechanical separation for mineral oil, chemicals with viscous materials, fruit juice/coffee/tea/wine, rubber treatment, starch, etc.


Our third series, “C Series,” is our Clarifying type, which are designed for continuous separation of suspensions into solids, and clarified liquids – . Typically our “C Series” is suggested for separating edible oil, protein, cheese, casein, lactose, fish by-products, oil and water clarifying, and others.



Please contact GN Solids Control & Waste Management in order to speak with a sales representative to receive support and guidance for the best technical recommendation for your needs. We offer very affordable prices, industry leading equipment and technology, as well as customer – focused support. We are looking forward to working with you soon.