Own Brand, customized and international common shale shaker screen manufacturer

GN Solids Control is top 3 separation equipment manufacture certified by API in china since 2007. Our shale shaker screen. Over 10 years manufacturing experiences in shale shaker screen industry, now we not only produce for our own shale shaker, but also for international famous MI-SWACO shaker, Derrick shaker, Nov brandt etc. Furthermore, we also can manufacture according to customized requirement.

Our advantage for shale shaker screen:
1. Automatic Robot welding of the steel frame, which will reduce labor cost and the quality will be more stable and consistent.
2. High quality fiber glass, which will improve the screen quality and can bear high temperature to 140 c degree.
3. Four sides’ tension of mesh during heat press, which will minimize the gap between the top screen and support screen for long time use. Our competitors normally don’t use this kind of technology.
4. GN 3 layer wire mesh for API 60 and above, our competitors only can use 3 layer for API 120 and above, that is our strength.
5. GN high level wire mesh configuration is compliant to API RP 13C, which can be used for longer.
6. GN can produce not only for our own brand shale shaker, but also for many international famous brands, such as MI-SWACO, DERRICK, NOV BRANDT etc. Our shale shaker screen can be well compatible with those brands shale shaker.
7. Composite frame screen whose screen can be replaced, clean and reused, this will reduce cost, also increase its life. Besides increasing useable area 10% to 20%.
8. The composite frame is covered by plastic, it is easy to clean and can be stored for more than 5 years.
9. Flat and pyramid screens are available, this will give our customers more choice.

Shale shaker screen working mode:
Shale shaker screen is installed in the shale shaker; it can be used to filter drilling sludge and other industrial sludge. When sludge pass the screen, the particle smaller than the screen hole and fluid will cross over the screen and come into recycling, those particle bigger than the screen hole will be transported out. That is the working mode of shale shaker screen. Furthermore, customer can install two pieces of screens in one shale shaker, one screen is up and another is down, the up screen should be big mesh, and the down screen should be small mesh, but their gap shouldn’t be too big, such as up screen is 100 mesh, down screen is 80 mesh, this situation is ok, if up screen is 100 mesh, but down screen is 50 mesh, this will be wrong operation.

Now we have been exporting more than 70 countries, you can see our shale shaker screen everywhere. If you are interested in our screens, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available here to support you.

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