GN ‘s Third Party Equipment

The client has a preference for equipment from the suppliers specified by Section 7.1 and 7.2 of the Functional Design Specification.
GN is requested to source this equipment and these shall be priced separately. Should this not be possible, GN shall advise Company prior to award via the Exceptions Register and Company may elect to free issue these components.
GN may consider also quoting for alternative brands along with those requested. The following guidance is given:
• All alternative electrical products must be verified to have IECEx certification.
Pump Motors: Products must have IECEx certification. Contractor shall present a case to demonstrate suitability of the motors.
• Lights: Must be LED type, and of rugged construction suitable for oil rig environment.
• Sockets and Switches: Must be from a large supplier of well-known reputation for quality
• Butterfly Valves: Must include SS316 stem and disk. Only valves from a large supplier and of well-known reputation for quality will be considered.
• Pneumatically operated valves and controllers: Alternative brands will not be considered.
• Hammer Seal Unions: Must include the same thread and seal type as the Kemper product and components must be 100% interchangeable with the Kemper components. The client maintains an inventory of these components.
• Air Seal Unions: Must include a seal ring that is similarly 100% interchangeable with the Kemper seal ring. The client maintains an inventory of these components.
Pump Elements: Will only be considered if all components (for example the impeller and mechanical seal) are 100% interchangeable with NOV components.
Full product documentation must be provided for our review of any alternatives quoted. The performance characteristics of any alternatives must be similar to, or the same as the products specified. Section 11 of the Functional Design Specification can be used to reference the specified products performance characteristics.

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