Decanter centrifuge Installation and operation

GN solids control decanter centrifuge Installation
Centrifuge installation
1). Choose suitable lifting device and sling.
2). Cranes and slings can not bear excessive load, regular check shall be given to the slings so as to ascertain whether they are in good state.
3). The hall be checked before lifting to ensure that the strength of the sustained centers meet the requirement of hoisting.
4). Make sure the installation platform is firm enough to bear adequate weight.
5). Remove all the traportation protection device (bowl fixing belt, fasten belt and fixing bolts).
6). Connect inlet and outlet pipelines (use flexible joint for connecting point), overflow pipe, and solids discharge slot.
7). Connected with power supply (Switch controller between control panel and power supply is necessary to ensure safety of wiring).
Electrical installation
A. Read carefully of centrifuge user manual and Control cabinet user manual before operating.
B. Strictly forbidden to open the control cabinet with power on. Only open the door after power cut off.
C. Any installation and inspection of electrics must be operated by professionals
The main motor, back motor and temp. sensors of VFD centrifuge has connected well to the aviation plug panel, users are supposed to connect cables with reference to VFD control cabinet user manual.
OperationGN decanter centrifuge
Preparation before operation
Ⅰ. Check below items to make sure all in good condition. Any abnormal conditions should be solved properly and in time.
1). Check and make sure all parts of the centrifuge assembled well.
2). Check and make sure the bowl fasten belts are removed.
3). Rotate the centrifuge bowl manually and check if there is any blocking or other abnormal condition.
4). Check and make sure the oil level of hydraulic coupler and gearbox is accordence with request.
5). Check and make sure the B-belt is suitably tensioned.
6). Check and make sure the belt covers and collection box top cover are closed well, bearing base, feeding pipe and control cabinet are screwed down well.
7). Check the 3-phase power supply is connected well.
8). Check the reset function of all switches, operating device, control bottom, and make sure they are flexible and in right position.
9). Check and make sure the control cabenit are mounted well.
10). When restart the centrifuge after long stop, measure motors with 500V megger insulation resistance, the centrifuge can be run only if the resistance ≥ 0.5 MΩ.
11). check and make sure the ground connection is reliable. Measure the grounding resistance if necessary.

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