Decanter centrifuge operation

Start the centrifuge temporarily to check the rotating direction. Change the phase conductors of the motor if the rotating direction is not correct.
1). Start and run centrifuge back motor in short time to observe whether the gearbox rotates in a correct direction, and make sure there is no adnormal condition occured.. Seen from the small end of the bowl, the gearbox shall rotate in counterclockwise.
2). Start and run centrifuge main motor to observe whether it’s pulley rotates in the correct direction, and make sure there is no adnormal condition occured. Seen from the small end of the bowl, the pulley shall rotate in counterclockwise.
3). Start in inching feed pump to observe whether it rotates in a correct direction. Observed from the end of the motor, the pump shaft shall rotate in clockwise.
Notice: ① Cut off the power immediately if the motor does not run after power to avoid it burn down
② When start the centrifuge, check whether the motor work continuously without abnormal noise. If the two motor could not work synchronously, operator should immediately shut
down the centrifuge for trouble shooting and then start the centrifuge again.
③ Motor is not allowed to start over five consecutively times in the cooling condition; When restart the motor after stop, it is not allowed to start over three consecutively times in the hot condition.
Ⅲ. No-load running
Start the centrifuge according to the operating steps, but do not start the feed pump to make it run without load. Check whether there is abnormal noise, vibration or heating. Make sure that the temperature rise of the bearing base is not over 35℃ after 2-hour running. If the condition permitted, measure the bowl speed and vibrating force of the bearing base and make sure that the bowl speed was not less than 97% of the rated figure and vibrating force was not over 7.1mm/s.
Ⅳ. Load running
Turn on centrifugal according to the operation steps, after it reaches the set speed, turn on the feed pump. Check and see if there is any abnormal situations e.g. abnormal vibration, noise, or heating, etc…
Choose the suitable pump feeding capacity according to the mud density & viscosity, and the performance requested to reach. DO NOT increase feed capacity sharply; it may cause block or the centrifuge and hold on the screw propeller badly.tumblr_m7aozdm0sr1qmyjkk

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