Containerized drilling waste management system to cold area

Containerized drilling waste management system is
special designed by GN solids control for cold weather and other purpose. We
have made a lot of sets of drilling waste management system customized and
installed them inside the standard 40ft container. The purpose is as below:

1 easy transportation, bulk cargo shipment is always
not so flexible on freight line arrangement. Our system can be shipped as a
container through our handlings.

2 prevent of the cold weather: Especially in Russia,
our system can work when the temperature lower to -40°,
there is special insulation inside the container to keep the equipments warm.

3 There is air conditioner and fan which is for the
operation in summer.

4 Door and windows are opened for operation,
maintenance, and radiating.

5 The top proof cover is with function of sun proof,
rain proof and snow proof and other water proof.

Except for drilling waste management system, we also
design dewatering unit with decanter centrifuge inside 20ft or 40ft containers.
The purpose for the container is more or less similar with the above case. But
this is a high configuration design, to save cost, we can remove the container,
and put the dewatering unit on the centrifuge skid or on the tank directly,
with sun proof cover on top.

We also designed container sized mud tanks, both
utilized in mud recycling system, solids control system and liquid mud plant.
It is suitable for standard container trailer transportation. Especially in
liquid mud plant, for small footprint purpose, the standard container sized
tanks can be stacked for 2 or 3 layers to save place and save money.

Recently we shipped the 9th containerized
drilling waste management system with screw conveyors, decanter centrifuges,
screw pumps to Russia, For more technical details, pls check with GN solids
control sales engineers.

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