Drilling Waste Management system working for Africa drilling rigs

As the most
professional drilling waste management system manufacture in China, we have
sold over 30 sets of standard complete drilling waste management systems to
Africa, Middle east, Russia, Australia, Indonesia and Europe market. Especially
for Africa market, we sold a lot of standard and customized drilling cuttings
treatment to drilling service companies. Part of our case study as below:

1 Our sales and after-sales service team just came
back from a drilling rig in Nigeria, they just finished the commission service
successfully for 3 sets of drilling waste management systems.

The equipments list include:

3 sets of vertical cuttings dryer

6 sets of VFD decanter centrifuges

9 progressive cavity pumps, 6 for feeding decanter
centrifuges, 3 for flushing the cuttings dryer.

15 screw conveyors for transfer drilling cuttings,
each dryer need one feeding screw conveyor, one solids discharge conveyor, each
centrifuge need one solids discharge conveyor.


(2) 2 Package Drilling waste management equipment to
Africa, http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/2-package-drilling-waste-management-equipment-to-africa

The same client bought 2 sets of same drilling waste
management system, including 2 vertical cuttings dryer and 4 decanter
centrifuge with telescopic skid and feeding pumps, screw conveyors.

(3) Containerized drilling waste management system , http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/containerized-drilling-waste-management-system-under-inspection-before-delivery

1 sets of vertical cuttings dryer, 1 set of double
deck high G dryer, 1 set of decanter centrifuge all installed inside the
container with opened door and windows, stairs, handrail, walkways are

(4)  Several
units of decanter centrifuges shipping to Africa mud service companies, http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/large-number-centrifuge-shipping-to-africa

They are shipped by 2 batches to reduce the delivery
time as the client’s request.

(5) Decanter centrifuge working for offshore rig in
Africa, http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/drilling-fluids/gn-centrifuge-working-on-america-transocean-offshore-rig

Not only for land rigs, our drilling waste decanter
centrifuge can be also used for offshore cuttings treatment, and less the drilling
waste as much as possible.

…and more cases pls check with GN solids control
sales, or follow GN updated news.

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