Vacuum tank degasser for drilling fluids

Normally there are 2 types degassers in solids control
drilling fluids system, one is vacuum tank degasser, the other one is Atmospheric
Degasser. GN solids control produce vacuum tank degasser for oil & gas
drilling solids control system.

We have 2 models vacuum tank degasser, GNZCQ270 &
GNZCQ360, both of them with 920mm diameter vacuum tank, and with same footprint
same dimension. GNZCQ270 with treating capacity 270m3/h, GNZCQ360 with treating
capacity 360m3/h. We will choose correct model according to the drilling rig
models and drilling depth. If you require vacuum degasser, pls contact GN
solids control. You do not need an extra centrifugal pump for GN vacuum
degasser because it is self-suction type.

Features of GN vacuum degasser:

function: Not only as degasser to separate the gas from the gas-cut drilling
mud, but also the suction pipe inside the drilling mud as a big agitator.

pump work as both the suction pump to feeding the mud into the vacuum tank, but
also the gas discharge pump

water in the small water tank to save water

models same foot print and same dimension as standard design

major components including vacuum tank, vacuum pump, water-gas separator with
water, 2 explosion proof motor, control panel, skid, ultrasonic
liquid level meter.

Main spare parts of vacuum degasser for one year

V-belt, bearing, oil seal, vacuum gauge

Except for vacuum tank degasser, GN also produce mud
gas separator
which is used before solids control system, as a part of well
control, usually it is working together with flare igniter. The flare igniter
is located far from the drilling rig which is the safety area without hazardous
gas. It is connected with the mud gas separator by pipes according the distance
from the drilling rig to safety area.

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