GN Solids Control showed lastest design drilling waste management at CIPPE in Shanghai

CIPPE is the largest and most professional oilfield
products exhibition and conference in Asia, GN SOLIDS CONTROL always take our
lastest design of solids control equipments and drilling waste management
equipments to CIPPE in Beijing every year in March. This year we also take our
new designed drilling cuttings treatment equipments to Shanghai CIPPE.

The CIPPE oil show general info is as below:

Every year GN solids control will attend international
and domestic oil show as the list below:

CIPPE in Beijing, March

OTC in Houston, May

MIOGE in Moscow, June

Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, June

CIPPE in Shanghai, August

ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, November

And other oil/ mining/ no-dig industry exhibitions in
Specific country, like Australia, India, Indonesia, USA, Nigeria, Iran, etc.

Our main drilling cuttings treatment equipments showed
at CIPPE including:

: It is mainly used for water based drilling mud, shale shaker with high G
force, large screen area, it is the most economic equipment to treat water
based drilling cuttings;

Vertical cuttings dryer
: mainly used for oil/
synthetic based drilling mud, GN vertical cuttings dryer can be applied for
both water based drilling cuttings and oil based mud. We also have special
designed vertical cuttings dryer for water based mud, welcome to contact with
GN sales for more info.

But most clients will calculate the cost before make a decision,
sometimes vertical cuttings dryer can help them to get very dry solids and less
the cost of TDU, sometimes the cost exceed their effect, they will consider to
use high-G dryer with decanter centrifuge instead.

GNLW363CG, as the most popular and best sold model among all our
centrifuge models, its performance has been field proved by a lot of clients.

GN make all of them as a modular drilling waste
management system,
you can choose 1 part, 2 parts or 3 parts, you can also use
part of them according to your rig requirement.

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