Water based drilling cuttings disposal in South America

Water based
drilling mud and oil based drilling fluids are applied together for one land
drilling rig because of the various purpose of the drilling. One package of
drilling waste management or drilling cuttings disposal unit which be used for
both water based drilling cuttings and oil based drilling cuttings are very helpful
for the drilling rigs, it can less the cost for the drilling waste management
system and reduce the space to locate the system, so that you can reduce your total
cost of drilling and ensure to comply with the requirement of environmental

week we went to the jobsite of a CNPC drilling rig to check the performance of
our drilling waste management system working with water based drilling
cuttings. The discharged mud from the decanter centrifuge is dry enough and
make the clients satisfied with the result. The system is a modular drilling
waste management system
which can be divided into several modulars.

Vertical cuttings dryer system :

GNCD930C-VFD vertical cuttings dryer with telescopic skid and the flushing pump
on the skid, the VFD control panel are installed besides the skid, there are a
dry cuttings collection box on the skid.

Cuttings transferring system

screw conveyor to transfer the dry material to the top of the vertical cuttings
dryer and cuttings pump to transfer the wet material with much fluids by the
hose to the cuttings dryer. There are a pressure unit on the skid to provide
positive pressure of the VFD control panels.

Fluids storage tank

a Cylindrical type tank with mud agitator on top to collect the clean fluids
from the vertical cuttings dryer and a submersible slurry pump to transfer the
fluids to the high-G dryer.

High G dryer system

high-G dryer shaker with a catch tank on the bottom to less the solids content
of the fluids discharged from the cuttings dryer and make the decanter
centrifuge working better.

Decanter centrifuge system

Including GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge on the
high telescopic skid and long solids discharge slot, and the clean fluids will
flow back to the solids control system storage tank for reuse.

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