Mud cleaning system for Water well drilling

solids control design and manufacture mud cleaning system for water well
drilling, geothermal drilling, coal bed methane drilling, horizontal
directional drilling, core drilling, Rotary drilling, air drilling, etc. The
purpose to use GN mud cleaning system/ mud recycling system is that:

1 Less
the drilling waste and less the waste disposal cost, it is very important in
some countries which has very strict environment protection laws.

Recycle and reuse the drilling fluids, which is very essential in some area
lack of water or very difficult to get new material from the city

3 To
be a responsible company for the society

on the core diameter and jobsite area, we provide different treating capacity
mud cleaning system. Our standard model including 200gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm,
1000gpm, other customized treating capacity is available to meet your
individual requirement.

study of GN mud cleaning system for water well drilling in the world as below:

#1: GN mud
recycling system for Niger Water Well Drilling,

client has many similar projects of water well drilling in the same area, water
is their main issue. He is satisfied with our mud recycling system, and going
to need 100 units for their future water well drilling project. The customized
water well drilling mud cleaning system is trailer mounted for easy
transportation, compact design is for their limit space in the jobsite.

#2: Water well drilling mud cleaning system to Kuwait,

#3: Hydraulic Jack Up Mud Cleaning System for Australia,

to the fast move solution, GN solids control provide options for trailer mounted mud system, or
skid mounted mud system as well as hydraulic jack up system for fast moving
without lifting by cranes. The hydraulic jack up mud system is very popular
among our clients in Australia, which is cheaper than the trailer mounted mud
system, but do not need a crane when you get ready to move to another place.

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