Stabilization and solidification unit for oil sludge waste

Oil sludge
waste stabilization and solidification unit is a customized system to improve
pollutant retention and give the material obtained a certain structural
durability. Their objective is thus not to achieve a simple cladding of the
contaminated material in an inert matrix, but a complex physical-chemical
process to obtain stabilization and solidification of the pollutants.

Why use stabilization
and solidification unit for oil sludge waste?

Oil sludge
waste come from different ways, like drilling waste storage tank/ pit/ lagoon,
tank bottom cleaning, cuttings separated from drilling waste management system,
solids control system, etc. The oil sludge waste should be proper disposal to
prevent the destroy of environment. The trend of drilling is no-pit drilling in
the future along with the much more strict environmental laws in most of the
countries, which is combination of drilling mud solids control system plus
cuttings transferring system, drilling cuttings treatment system, cuttings
disposal system. GN customized designed cuttings solidification/ stabilization
unit and TDU( thermal desorption unit) are both cuttings disposal methods.

The main
components of GN stabilization/ solidification unit:

1 Absorber conveyor

2 Cement Conveyor

3 Solidsfication Mixer

4 oil
sludge waste collection hopper

5 cement
storage box

6 skid,
handrails, stairs

Working process of GN stabilization/
solidification unit:

sludge waste collection hopper collects all the drill cuttings & oil sludge
waste, transported to the mixing chamber by the screw conveyor.
2) Cement storage box is keeping cements powder, through the tubular screw
conveyor, powders are sent to the mixer at pre-set capacity.
3) In the same way, absorber is kept in a box, then sent to the mixer by tubular
screw conveyor.
4) The high-shear mixer mixes all the material, and push to the front at the
same time.

If you have questions for the working process and additive
agents for the solidification/ stabilization unit , pls contact with GN solids

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