Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit for Waste Disposal

The solidification unit and thermal desorption unit,
as one of the most efficient and economic drilling waste disposal method, has
been widely required by drilling waste management companies. GN new developed solidification
unit has been shipped to domestic client for no-pit drilling together with our
hi-G dryer system.

We have developed different customized drilling waste
management system for both water based drilling cuttings and oil based mud
& synthetic based mud.

For example:

Vertical cuttings
+decanter centrifuge with telescopic skid and small tank

HI-G dryer
shaker+ decanter centrifuge for water based mud with mud tank

But the cuttings discharged from the vertical cuttings
dryer system, decanter centrifuge or hi-G dryer system is still a problem, they
are improper to be re-use, or disposal directly or difficult to be treated or
transported, because of the constituents of the cuttings are not proper for
land application or burial approaches. That is why GN will develop our own solidification
unit and thermal desorption unit to provide our clients a complete drilling
waste disposal solution for no-pit drilling.

The configuration of solidification unit as below:

1 ea cuttings hopper
with 5cbm capacity

1 ea cuttings
transfer screw conveyor with 7.5kw motor

1 ea SS304 steel
Absorber transfer screw conveyor with 1.1kw motor

1 ea SS304 steel
cement transfer screw conveyor with 1.1kw motor

1 ea SS304 Steel
solidification mixer with 2 reverse rotation screw impeller with 11kw motor

Various materials can be added to cuttings to solidify
and stabilize them, to get more details of GN solidification unit, pls contact
our sales.

As the most professional manufacturer of drilling
waste management system
, GN solids control has provide a lot of drilling
cuttings treatment system for drilling companies, like CNPC, Sinopec,
especially in 2015, after Chinese government enact new laws for the drilling
waste disposal.

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