Mine waste water / sludge separation system

lot of waste water is produced together with sludge during the process of
mining exploration. More and more countries turn to or already enact more
strict laws for the drill cuttings/ mine water treatment, to oblige the
drilling contractors to be more cautious of the issue of waste treatment and waste
water drain off.

designed dewatering unit/ solids removal unit/ mud cleaning system is suitable
for such applications. GNLW223 centrifuge is the essential equipment in the

compact size( 9 inch bowl diameter, 26inch bowl length), high speed( up to
4500rpm) and separation cut points(up to 2 microns) and high G force ( up to
2500) make this model centrifuge become more and more popular in this industry.
Before submit our proposal, we need the client to do the lab test to figure out
the solids size distribution inside the material, and get the recommendation
for the flocculation proposal and result, then we will analyse the datas and
give the best solution to our clients to meet a wider variety of requirements.

separated solids should be taken as dry as it can, and be collected by the
truck and send to construction industry. The clean water is drain back to the river,
lake after waste water treatment center.

only for mine waste water, this dewatering unit/ solids removal unit can be
also applicable with industry waste water treatment, construction waste water,
dredging slurry separation, oilfield waste water treatment, etc all the type of
solids-water separation works, it works together with flocculation and other

you are in the project of mine waste water treatment, mine sludge separation or
you are under the pressure of government laws about the drilling cuttings, pls
consult with GN solids control, for America clients pls contact with GN solids
to get a proposal.

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