Decanter Centrifuge for water reclamation in oil & gas field

GN brand high speed decanter centrifuge has been used for waste water reclamation in the oil & gas field. The purpose is to help you use less water or recycle more water to save you money, and work in an environment responsible manner.
Oilfield waste water may come from the fluids stream below:
1 onshore drilling
2 offshore drilling
3 oil tank bottom/pit
4 drilling waste management system/facility
Decanter centrifuge
act as an important role but not the final in the process of water recycling. It is used to separate the clay and silts from the fluids and dry the solids for disposal. GNLW363CG & CG-VFD decanter centrifuge and GNLW453-CFD, GNLW553-VFD centrifuge can be used for such application.GN have all these centrifuges models available in GN SOLIDS America warehouse located at Houston for sale and rent, pls contact GN sales for an appointment in our warehouse.
GN decanter centrifuge can be applied not only for oil & gas field, but also industry waste water, like dredging slurry separation, pond slurry separation, mining slurry separation, TBM, diamond core drilling waste water, etc. But before feeding the fluids to the centrifuge, it is necessary to confirm the big solids/rock/stone/tree has been removed.
Features of GN decanter centrifuges:
1 Screw is protected by tungsten carbide tiles for longer working time, and repairable and replaceable, thickness is over 4mm
2 mud distribution port is protected by ceremic insert of abrasion
3 solids discharge port is protected by tungsten carbide ring and replaceable
4 Scraper on the centrifuge bowl end & side and Solids blocking cover to prevent it from solids accumulation outside the bowl
5 Bowl Material SS2205 made from centrifugal casting for better balance and longer life
6 High speed, high G force and variable speed can be applied for high gravity drilling mud, low gravity and barite recovery

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