Barite recovery centrifuge system for sale in Houston

GN solids control designed barite recovery centrifuge system is welcomed to be checked in our Houston warehouse at 6710 Windfern road, Houston, TX 77040.

The configuration of this barite recovery system is as below:

1 GN Hi-G dryer shaker GNZS594E-HB, we have 10 units of such shakers in stock there, it is a 4-panel pre-tentioned screens shakers with total screens area 2.73 square meters. The function of the shaker is to separate the big solids and less the solids content before feeding to the decanter centrifuge.

2 GN variable frequency drive decanter centrifuge for barite recovery

Both of GNLW452 and GNLW453VFD centrifuge can be used for barite recovery, the most common model and effective way is GNLW452 centrifuge, if you want to change the speed based on the mud weight, you can change the pulley and belt, but it is inconvenient to change the pulley, you have to stop the centrifuge, anyway, it is the most economic way.

GNLW453VFD centrifuge is variable frequency drive centrifuge with high volume and high speed, you can change the speed by the PLC controlled VFD control panel if different mud weight.

The other option is to buy 2 units centrifuge, GNLW452 for high gravity centrifuge, GNLW363VFD or GNLW453VFD centrifuge for low gravity centrifuge.

Also with the Nemo brand feeding pump for the centrifuges.

3 jet hopper system

4 catch tank

5 Necessary spare parts, like shaker screens

Also we provide the options to put the shale shaker, 2 decanter centrifuges on one mud tank slid, with 2 VFD control panel and jet mud mixer system.

Except for barite recovery system, we also design the complete system for dewatering centrifuge together with solids removal equipments. For more info about this project, pls contact GN Solids America. Right now we have hi-G dryer shaker and VFD decanter centrifuge for test.

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