HDD Applications in pipeline project

HDD technology is widely used in nowadays construction of infrastructure. As a leading manufacturer for HDD drilling waste management, GN Solids America would like to share some information on the application of HDD.  The main applications for HDD pipeline projects are under-river crossings, traffic ways crossings, flood protection dams, crossing below foundations of buildings or infrastructure objects, shortenings through topographic obstacles like rock ridges, orthogonal situated hills and rims, non-crossable terrains and for example under-crossings of nature reserves, parks or even hole city areas of mountain zones.

The drilling mud desander for HDD has been divided into 3 fields as below and most of the pipeline is relation to oil and gas pipeline laying, sewer and water transportation.

HDD for under-water crossings

Under water crossings like rivers, canals and lakes which would otherwise require a special construction effort. Under water crossings are particularly advantageous because no special ground water retention is required that necessitates other structural preparation measures. Nowadays, normally all underwater crossings would use the HDD machines. The depths and the length of existing water obstacles, the diameter and weight of the pipe section decide the choice of the HDD machines power class.

HDD for traffic ways crossing

Pipeline has been embedded safely and with stability when undercrossing traffic ways like railway, highways, roads and streets. It is possible to drilling small to large diameter boreholes and keeps these boreholes and the surrounding underground stable during boring. Decanter Centrifuge requires neither manhole have to be built nor groundwater control during the installation.

With HDD through the mountains

When install the new pipe and renew the pipe in hillsides, the using of the trenchless technologies provides beneficial advantages. Such as the cost on walking excavators, safety measures can tremendous reduced. By using the trenchless technologies, the cost is about same as for the bores in flat terrain. Trenchless construction methods offer additional advantages that can have moderating and stabilizing effects on the slopes.

Advantages of HDD applications

The most striking advantages of the application of HDD is the preservation of the traffic ways or ground surface as dynamic supporting structure. The soil natural structure above the pipe installed is completely preserved.

For more information on the application of HDD technologies, welcome contact with GN Solids America who is a leading manufacturer for HDD drilling fluids solids control equipment.

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